Forschung Start

Research and Groups

Our research groups are active in many different fields of biology with a focus on three major areas:

Research Areas Professors
Yeast Membrane Biology Prof. Dr. Adam Bertl
Ecological Networks Prof. Dr. Nico Blüthgen
Cell Biology and Epigenetics Prof. Dr. M. Cristina Cardoso
Systems Neurophysiology Prof. Dr. Ralf Galuske
Molecular Genetics Prof. Dr. H. Ulrich Göringer
Computational Biology and Simulation Prof. Dr. Kay Hamacher
Chemical Plant Ecology Prof. Dr. Andreas Jürgens
Computer-aided Synthetic Biology Prof. Dr. Johannes Kabisch
Applied Plant Sciences Prof. Dr. Ralf Kaldenhoff
Neurophysiology and Neurosensory Systems Prof. Dr. Bodo Laube
Radiation Biology and DNA Repair Prof. Dr. Markus Löbrich
Systems Biology of the Stress Response Prof. Dr. Alexander Löwer
Biology of eukaryotic gene and genome regulation Prof. Dr. Niopek
Stem Cell and Developmental Biology Prof. Dr. Ulrike A. Nuber
Microbiology and Archaea Prof. Dr. Felicitas Pfeifer
Microbial Energy Conversion and Biotechnology Prof. Dr. Jörg Simon
Protein engineering of ion conducting nanopores Prof. Dr. Viktor Stein
Synthetische RNA Biologie Prof. Dr. Beatrix Süß
Plant Membrane Biophysics Prof. Dr. Gerhard Thiel
Molecular microbiology Prof. Dr. Waldminghaus
Plant Biotechnology and Metabolic Engineering Prof. Dr. Heribert Warzecha
Research Areas Group Leader
Applied Network Ecology and Island Conservation PD Dr. Christopher Kaiser-Bunbury
Sulfur Biochemistry and Microbial Bioenergetics PD Dr. Arnulf Kletzin
Membrane Dynamics PD Dr. Tobias Meckel
High Resolution Ion Channel Dynamics PD Dr. Indra Schröder
Regulation of Early Eye Development PD Dr. Astrid Vogel-Höpker
Extracellular vesicles / miRNA Research Dr. Meike Saul
RNA Biochemie / Biochemistry Dr. Julia Weigand
Associated Research Areas Associated Professors
Microbial Control / Insect Virology and Molecular Insect Pathology Prof. Dr. Johannes Jehle
Bioinspired Communication Systems Lab Prof. Dr. Heinz Koeppl

Retired Professors