Sustainable Research Symposium

A former student of our department, Ann Schirin Mirsanaye is currently doing her PhD in Copenhagen and is organising this interesting symposium


Do you often have the feeling that your attempts to live a more sustainable life end, as soon as you go to the lab? Do you also feel like a hypocrite by buying noodles in the “Unverpackt Laden” and to produce unbelievable amounts of plastic waste in the lab?

Sustainability and good research are not a contradiction, but they must be reconciled in a new way. Economic, socially sustainable and ecological goals can also be combined with brilliant research. Would you like to know more about topic? Then register for the free Sustainable Research Symposium and learn more about practical tips and tricks for your everyday life in the lab, expand your knowledge about university agreements with companies and what influence you can have on a sustainable future in research. You can find more information at