International Synthetic Biology Workshop iin march 2023

The Sense-Compute-Response Paradigm


The Centre for Synthetic Biology is hosting a workshop entitled “The Sense-Compute-Response Paradigm” in Darmstadt, Germany, March 20-22, 2023. We have assembled an excellent list of speakers who will present groundbreaking developments in synthetic biology.

The “The Sense-Compute-Response Paradigm” workshop on 20 – 22. March 2023 aims to highlight recent developments and challenges in the field of synthetic biology, with a particular focus on the sense-compute-response paradigm. With this, we provide an interdisciplinary platform for discussion, exchange of views, and the development of future collaborations in our field.

The workshop is an event of the Centre for Synthetic Biology in cooperation with the Joint Division of Synthetic Biology. The Joint Division combines the activities of DECHEMA's Systems Biology and Synthetic Biology Division, GBM's Synthetic Biology Study Group, GDCh e.V. and the German Botanical Society DBG.