4th SynBio World Cafe 2023

“Together We Grow”


The 4th annual SynBio World Café is hosted on 27.6-28.6.2023 at the Georg-Christoph-Lichtenberg-Haus in Darmstadt by the German Society for Synthetic Biology (GASB) in cooperation with the Centre for Synthetic Biology at TU Darmstadt and SPRIN-D. Bridging the gap between academic research, industrial infrastructure and venture capital, the SBWC brings together carefully selected individuals from all over the Synthetic Biology landscape. The participants will discuss the current state and the necessary next steps to harness the field’s untapped potential.

Internationally, synthetic biology has already established itself as a key technology of the future and a valuable industry. In Germany, it is becoming increasingly clear that collaboration across all sectors is crucial to drive growth and innovation. The various challenges and obstacles faced by synbio startups in Germany will again be the focus of this year's event. Topics such as funding, entrepreneurship, policy, patents and regulations will be discussed by a diverse group of participants including academic researchers, entrepreneurs, industry representatives, venture capitalists and legislators.

The SynBio World Café is an important platform to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the field. As only a limited number of seats are available, interested parties are encouraged to apply and share how they can contribute to the discussions.