Department of Biology

Welcome to the Department of Biology at the TU Darmstadt.

The Department of Biology stands out for its focus on technology-driven biological research and education. Our research groups are active in a wide range of areas including Cell and Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Ecology, Neurosciences and Computational Biology. Close collaborations with other research institutions, nationally as well as internationally, and industry partners exist.


Our research groups are active in many different fields of biology with a focus on three major areas:
- Biology of stress response
- Synthetic Biology
- Molecular and cellular responses to ionizing radiation

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We provide a modern education with a focus on training students in state-of-the-art biological technologies to best prepare them for their professional career.

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  • 2021/01/13

    INSPIRED 2021, Extraterrestrial Greenhouse open for applications!

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    Deadline for TU Darmstadt students: February 28, 2021

    Darmstadt, as home to the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC), the main mission control hub of the European Space Agency (ESA), is the continent’s gateway to the universe. INSPIRED, as the ‘mission control centre’ of the International Project Week for Interdisciplinary Research-Oriented Digital Learning invites TU Darmstadt Biology students to look to the stars as well!

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  • 2021/01/11

    Virtual Biological Colloquium

    Dr. Christina Weinberg Universität Leipzig

    The next virtual biology colloquium will be held on February 4, 2021 at 4:00 pm:

    “Screening for self-cleaving ribozymes using RNA-seq and deciphering their biological roles.”

  • 2021/01/11


    M.Sc. Timea Török

    Dienstag, 16.02.2021, um 14:15 Uhr

    M.Sc. Timea Török

    Proteomic Investigation of Novel Nuclear JAK2 Pathways

  • 2021/01/09


    M.Sc. Axel Klink

    Dienstag, 26.01.2021, um 10:00 Uhr

    M.Sc. Axel Klink

    Impact of Low-Dose Ionizing Radiation on cognitive Abilities in the Mouse: Assessment of Radiation Sensitivity during Pre- and Postnatal brain development

  • 2021/01/08


    M.Sc. Dominique Tandl

    Freitag, 22.01.2021, um 14:15 Uhr

    M.Sc. Dominique Tandl

    X-ray irradiation triggers via ROS production a canonical Ca2+-dependent immune response in T-lymphocytes

  • 2020/11/26

    Athene Hauptpreis für Madeleine Crößmann-Amend

    Der diesjährige Athene-Hauptpreis ging an Madeleine Crößmann-Amend. Sie wurde ausgezeichnet für ihr besonderes Engagement in der Neukonzeption der Fachdidaktik Biologie sowie der Umsetzung qualitativ hochwertiger Lehrveranstaltungen.

  • 2020/11/03

    new post-doc scientists representatives

    A month ago, the post-docs and myself held a video conferencing meeting to finalize the new post-doc scientists program of the department. In the meantime, we also have the two new post-doc scientists representatives for the next two years. These are Dr. Johanna Mirsch (Löbrich lab, left) and Dr. Maria Arroyo (Cardoso lab, right). Thank you so much for taking over the task! We look forward to advancing the program with your help.