Bacholor overview

Bachelor Overview

The Bachelor of Science at the TU Darmstadt guarantees a universal biological education which is orientated on the current state of research. You will have “up to date” lectures which are combined with with practicals in the various laboratories of our faculty. The first four semesters will build up your basic knowledge of botany, zoology, genetics, ecology, microbiology, biochemistry, and biotechnology and as well provide you with the necessary knowledge of chemistry, physics and mathematics.

In the final two semesters you will have the opportunity to choose your advanced courses and intensify your knowledge in specific fields of interest.

Below you will find an overview of the courses and detailed descriptions as well


The courses in the first four semesters are held in German, and the most advanced courses will be taught in German as well (advanced courses which will are held in English are also listed and marked below)! The German language qualification of at least B1/B2 is recommended.

In principal it is possible to study selected courses at our faculty without German language skills, but it is really difficult without any German expierience, so at least a high English language level is necessary!

Practical skills in the first four semesters are not required but are highly recommended in the advanced courses! If you are planning an exchange to a higher semester be sure to have already acquired some practical experience!

If you start to study biology at the TU Darmstadt you can expect a friendly atmosphere, well equipped laboratories and a multifaceted scientific education. You will develop scientific thinking and increase your practical laboratory skills. You can expect solid support from our faculty even as an alumnus!

The TU Darmstadt is also close to such well-known scientific industries and research centers, e.g. MERCK, EVONIK, GSI and DKFZ.

Bachelor Courses

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Preliminary Information

Every advance course will last 3 Weeks without intermission.

Advances Courses 5. Semester [for details click here]

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