First Postdoc Symposium

Last Wednesday 17th March, the first Postdoc Symposium of the Department of Biology took place.


Last Wednesday 17th March, the first Postdoc Symposium of the Department of Biology took place (via Zoom) having a warm welcome and active participation of over sixty persons including undergraduate students, graduated students, postdocs, and professors.

The meeting started with a general introduction from the postdoc officer (Cristina Cardoso) and the representatives (Johanna Mirsch and María Arroyo López) to the postdoc program of the department and to the new moodle platform Postdoc@FB10. The ensuing discussion included career opportunities, teaching qualifications, independent group opportunities, and the development of a platform for expertise and instrumentation exchange. This was followed by the presentation from Arnulf Kletzin on university committees and the upcoming elections and a discussion of prospective candidates.

Then, the scientific fun part began! Five postdocs of different groups of our department and one alumni delighted us with their work, which was followed by lively discussions. Thanks a lot to Christoph von Beeren, Hector Romero, Marc Vogel, Marta Llorens-Agost, Nadja Simons, and Florian Hastert for their inspiring presentations.

After the scientific part, Ulrike Homann, from the Center for Educational Development and Technology (HDA), gave an introduction to teaching qualification possibilities offered at the university. All the participants were very interested and excited about the idea of organizing workshops tailored to biology and our teaching challenges in the near future.

In summary, it was a very productive experience for everybody. It created an incredible opportunity to connect with others and promote future collaborations, as well as the sharing of expertise and resources. We are already looking forward to the next event. Thanks to all the participants and especially to those presenting.