How does nature renew itself?

A research group led by TU Darmstadt is looking for answers


Over the next four years, the DFG (German Research Foundation) is to finance a consortium that wants to know how nature renews itself. This is nothing less than the script for the natural regeneration of the rainforest and how this process can be strengthened from the outside.

Throughout the history of our planet, ecosystems have been destroyed and then reclaimed by nature. However, the situation has now worsened. Rainforests are disappearing at an alarming speed and with massive clearcutting. The rate at which living beings are dying out has tripled in the past hundred years. “In the light of these developments, we must ask ourselves whether we are prepared for the complex regeneration of our planet,” says Nico BlüthgenNico Blüthgen, Professor of Ecological Networks at TU Darmstadt and head of the consortium.

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