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Biological sciences play a key role in many areas of life: in nature conservation, in matters of diet and nutrition, in biochemical analyses and biomedical approaches to cancer research. This wide range of biological questions requires a broad spectrum of technical and methodological knowledge to be best prepared for a professional career as a biologist.

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A practical approach right from the start

The high level of applied practical experience is a key feature of the biology degree programmes at the TU Darmstadt. In addition to a lecture, all modules of the biology undergraduate programme include practical tutorials and laboratory practicals that apply the essential experimental methods of the respective subject.

The philosophy of the Department of Biology at TU Darmstadt is to introduce students to modern experimental research early in the course of their studies and to teach them problem-solving skills, how to use modern laboratory methods and how to think like a scientist.

The Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in biology reflect the diversity of the different biological disciplines across the curriculum. In addition to subjects including molecular, biochemical and cell biology, topics in ecology, biodiversity and developmental biology are also part of the programme.

The master's degree program “Synthetic Biology” is a new, interdisciplinary and English-taught degree program. Study contents are current findings in molecular biology as well as engineering principles and materials science. It is the first degree program that directly address the interdisciplinary approach of synthetic biology and optimally prepares students for this exciting new research and professional field.

“Biomolecular Engineering – Molecular Biotechnology (BME)” is a joint degree programme offered by the Departments of Biology and Chemistry. The focus of these Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes is on methods of molecular biology, biochemistry and organic chemistry as well as the design of molecules and microorganisms.

In addition, the Department of Biology offers the degree programme “Biology Teaching at Secondary Schools”, which combines biological subject knowledge with subject-specific educational theory and didactics.

StudiReporters: Come and meet the Department of Biology with us

On campus

Where will my first lecture take place? What is the Office for Student Affairs? And where can I study in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere? The StudiReporters take you on a tour of the Botanical Garden Campus and show you all you need to know for your first semester.

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The Bachelor of Science degree

What exactly does it mean to study biology? Counting bugs, lab work, chemical reactions, maths? We give you an insight into the contents of the Bachelor's degree programme in biology. (German audio only!)

Video: Claudia Baier & Benjamin Schepens