International Interdisciplinary Project Week: Global Health and Security Issues
im Rahmen der KIVA V - Projektwoche 2015

105 Studierende aus der Studieneingangsphase des Maschinenbaus, der Biologie, der Politik- und der Sportwissenschaften nahmen im Sommer an der »International Interdisciplinary Project Week: Global Health and Security Issues« teil. Unterstützt wurden sie von zehn Maschinenbaustudierenden der Virginia Tech und der South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.


As the Ebola crisis this past year has shown us, we need to prepare for epidemics, whether bacterial or viral, that can more effectively spread in comparison to the Ebola virus. The logistics of how to respond to such an epidemic requires worldwide cooperation and new development in vaccines, antibiotics, health care systems, and tracking and reporting of epidemics as well as new personal protective equipment (PPE). Current PPE is bulky, hot, and makes it hard for the health care worker to hear and interact with patients. Design an innovative PPE suit to be multipurpose , lightweight, easily operable, and has cooling capabilities not powered by batteries for use in the field to protect health care workers in other countries. Use an exemplary case to show proof of concept.

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